Dear readers,
We are very sorry to inform you that due to the epidemiological situation in the world and the spreading of Coronavirus all around Europe some of the EMCY Member Competitions had to reschedule or cancel their editions.
Most of the next competitions we mentioned in our last newsletter have now changed the dates. We will keep you informed through this article (constantly updated) and on our social media.
Do not hesitate to send us an email (info@emcy.org) or a message if you have any questions.
Take care of yourself and your beloved and #stayhome ! 
Our best wishes,
The EMCY team
The Coronavirus is spreading world-wide and the crisis is severely affecting public, cultural and social life. We stand by all those who have suffered bereavement and sincerely hope that anyone sadly affected by the virus gets well soon.
The music sector has already been hit heavily and will continue to be massively affected by the measures taken to prevent any further spread of the virus. The important health and safety measure of official authorities lead to extensive cancellations of musical events, such as concerts, workshops, conferences, festivals, music and instrumental lessons, music production and much more. The economic and social consequences of these cancellations will have a negative effect on a thriving musical landscape in Europe which consists of many small businesses and a wide range of self-employed musicians and composers who might face serious threats to their existence and indeed survival, as a result.
Therefore, through European Music Council campaign, we call upon all political decision makers to include the music sector at large in all planned aid efforts and appreciate that several announcements have already been made in this regard. Because of the vulnerability of the sector, these measures need to be taken quickly and in a non-bureaucratic way to prevent individuals as well as organisations of all sizes from financial ruin.
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